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FAQs Regarding Young Adult Employment

Legally you are able to work at age 14.

A work permit is required if you are between 14 and 16.

You can usually get a work permit through your high school. If your high school does not offer this service, ask your guidance counselor which high school in your area does.

Minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Jobs where you are likely to receive tips can pay less if the tips plus salary will equal the minimum wage.

Discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation or belief is illegal. NO employer can use these reasons to keep you from getting a job, treating you differently on the job, or firing you from your job.

Additionally, if you feel you are being harassed in a sexual manner on a job, report it immediately to your parents, your counselor, your teacher, or another adult you trust.


Are you interested in serving your country? The military is a great employment option for young people looking for jobs. Military employment is a contractual commitment of service. The length and duration of service depends on which branch of the service you select. Young adults gain experience relating to leadership, teamwork, and career specific skills.

Military Links

For more information about military employment visit the following websites:

FAQs Regarding Military Employment

The military offers training in over 4,100 different specialties. Military service offers challenging and rewarding careers that often have private sector counterparts. Military experience is a valuable asset that employers look for in employees.

The branch of the armed forces you enlist in and the career choices you make will determine the type of training you receive. Generally, training will include job-specific proficiency and military training.

Along with earning a steady income, the military also offers valuable benefits such as money for college, paid time off, and military and job specific training. Active members’ medical and dental insurance is paid for by the military. In addition, free housing is usually available on base. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is that military experience and training will help prepare young people for success in other future endeavors.